Callum Wilson

I’ve seen Callum Wilson play in real life and there is a lot to like about him as a player for the Premier League: he’s quick and has a good eye for goal. I had two line-up plans in pre-season and the Bournemouth striker was in one of them. When Manuel Pellegrini said Sergio Agüero was fit to play, I switched to Plan A(güero) and Wilson didn’t make it into my Gameweek 1 team.

After a slow start, during which his price dropped to 5.4m, Wilson exploded on to the Fantasy Premier League scene with his hat-trick against West Ham in Gameweek 3. He followed this up with a goal against Leicester and his price reached 5.7m on August 31.

Callum Wilson shooting stats

Infographic shows Callum Wilson’s performance in 2015/16 and by gameweek

Before rushing to put him in your team, it is worth looking at his underlying statistics even though the sample size is small. The data from FourFourTwo Stats Zone shows he has scored with 80 per cent of his shots on target, which is totally unsustainable and he is surely set for some regression there.

However, he is also top of the class for the number of shots on target hit by strikers priced at 6.0m or less. Furthermore, all but one of his shots on target have come from inside the box, so this isn’t a case of getting lucky with shots from long range.

With a kind schedule coming up (nor, SUN, sto, WAT), Wilson looks good value for money over that period – but don’t be surprised if fails to keep up his current scoring rate.


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