Scott Sinclair

Scott Sinclair was in my pre-season line-up. At Swansea in 2011/12 he scored eight goals, five assists and 151 points in 3,120 minutes of play. The winger hasn’t played 500 minutes of football in a season again since moving to Manchester City in 2012, but pitch time looked more assured this year following a summer move to Aston Villa.

Furthermore, Villa are managed by Tim Sherwood, whose footballing philosophy seems to be focused on getting the ball to his best offensive assets. If Sinclair could rediscover his 2011/12 goal scoring form, or could regularly assist Villa’s central striker, then he could be good value at 5.0m. Given the lack of viable alternatives at that price, I decided to take a punt.

Scott Sinclair performance GW1-4

Chart shows Scott Sinclair’s performance in 2015/16

For other players I reviewed on this blog I have used interactive infographics that allowed us to compare performances by gameweek, but with Sinclair I don’t need to. Although the chart shows his season totals, it could say Gameweek 4 instead and it would be exactly the same. Sinclair showed literally zero goal threat in the first two weeks of the season. In Gameweek 3 he added a zero under the minutes played heading too. He remains on zero for chances created and assists this season.

Of the two goals Sinclair scored in Gameweek 4 against the league’s worst defence, the first was from the penalty spot. Having penalties in his locker is one positive I guess.

I transferred Sinclair out for Riyad Mahrez after Gameweek 1 and I’m very happy that I did. Being generous, it is possible Sinclair’s hat-trick against League Two side Notts County on August 25 finally got his season into gear and he could kick on from here. But I won’t even consider going back until I see more evidence of attacking threat against Premier League opposition.


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