Sergio Agüero

I can’t write about anyone other than Sergio Agüero today after the Manchester City forward netted the fastest five-goal haul in Premier League history – he achieved it in just 20 minutes. The Argentinian became only the fifth member of a select group of strikers to net five times in a Premier League match.

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The 20 per cent of FPL managers who, like me, put the captain’s armband on Agüero netted 50 points and set themselves up for a high scoring gameweek. Furthermore, according to FPL Discovery, he was captain of only 6.6 per cent of the top 10,000 teams so there will be a significant shake-up in the rankings this weekend.

Agüero repaid the faith many FPL managers had shown in him despite only scoring one goal in the first seven gameweeks. His underlying data said he was doing better than his goal tally suggested and he finally proved it, as Alexis Sánchez did last week.

Sergio Agüero GW1-8 2015-16

Following today’s heroics, Agüero’s totals in each of the metrics for the season shown in the chart are now exactly as we would expect them to be for a forward of his calibre. He stuttered a little between Gameweek 3, when he recorded just two shots (all in the box and on target) and Gameweek 5, when he failed to register a single shot, but otherwise his stats this season are now almost identical to last year.

In 2014/15, Agüero rattled off a shot every 18 minutes, unleash a strike in the box every 23 minutes, hit the target every 43 minutes and scored every 102 minutes. The same figures for this year are 17, 22, 40 and 93 minutes respectively.Sergio Aguero SoT conversion rate

Some might suggest Agüero’s Shots on Target (SoT) conversion rate is a touch high, but that isn’t case. With the exception of one season where he was closer to the norm for FPL forwards, the Argentinian has consistently converted Shots on Target at or close to his current rate.

Agüero may not score five goals again this season, but those who missed out on his FPL points haul this week should not despair. As long as he stays fit, it looks like he will continue to be a great source of points this season.


2 thoughts on “Sergio Agüero

  1. Dear Diva,

    I would just like to point out, politely, that Agüero’s underlying stats were NOT good – and absolutely nothing like Sánchez’s. Everybody is making this error – and it is an error!

    Michael 🙂


    • Dear Doosra,

      I spent a part of today reminding people you were recommending Pellè so you know I respect you. Before kick off on Saturday Agüero was, among forwards, second for shots, joint second for shots in the box and two shots on target back from the man in first place. Those were good enough stats for me to want to hold.

      As I acknowledge in the post, he did have a few quiet gameweeks but the stats had started to pick up again in the last two weeks.

      Diva 🙂


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