Newcastle’s shots GW10-11

Newcastle embarked on a kind run of fixtures in Gameweek 9 with Norwich visiting St. Jame’s Park. After Newcastle demolished the Canaries 6-2, there was a small buying frenzy of their assets. More than 150,000 Fantasy Premier League managers bought Georginio Wijnaldum and another 26,000 plus added Ayoze Pérez to their squad.

However, the Magpies have failed to score in the last two weeks so the buying of Wijnaldum has stalled and reversed for Ayoze.

Despite back-to-back blanks, Newcastle have hit 36 shots in the last two gameweeks – more shots than any other team in the Premier League. They also sit second for Shots in the Box (SiB) and Shots on Target (SoT) in that period. Given those underlying statistics, Newcastle’s failure to score in Gameweek 10 against Sunderland and Gameweek 11 against Stoke contrasts starkly with the Magpies’ enormous luck – or clinical finishing – against Norwich, when they scored with every Shot on Target. Funnily enough, with the goals and the blanks, the Tyneside team’s Shots on Target conversion rate over the last three games is 30 per cent, which is not far off where you would expect it to be in the long run.

Given the high volume of shots being hit by Newcastle, is there anyone worth looking at?

Newcastle United's shots GW10-11

Click on image to see full-sized chart

The chart shows which Newcastle players have hit shots in the last two weeks – the larger the box the more shots they’ve hit. The darker the blue the more shots they have hit on target and Shots in the Box are displayed as numerals. The sample size is tiny so we have to be very careful drawing too many conclusions.

Unfortunately for FPL managers the picture is mixed. Although the strikers have had the most shots, they haven’t dominated and the shots have been shared around the team. The most accurate player has been Wijnaldum, but he hasn’t hit many shots from inside the box. Fabricio Coloccini looks like he could offer a little goal threat if a manager is looking for a 4.5m defender.

With a strong short-term fixture list (bou, LEI, cpl), the evidence suggests one of the strikers or Wijnaldum could be worth holding if you own them. After that, the schedule becomes tougher up with a number of strong defensive teams providing the opposition (LIV, tot, AVL, EVE, wba, ars, MUN, WHM, wat), so Newcastle’s attacking assets don’t look a good long-term proposition.


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