Shots on Target ticker Gameweek 13

Here are my Shots on Target and Shots on Target Conceded tickers for Gameweek 13:

Shots on Target ticker GW13 2015-16

Shots on Target Conceded ticker GW13 2015-16

The ticker over-estimated the number of Shots on Target actually hit in Gameweek 12 by an average of 1. There were 14 teams who were within two Shots on Target of their ticker value. The overall range was 8.4 Shots on Target.

The under performers of the week were Swansea, who failed to register a single shot on goal against Norwich. The ticker value for the Swans was 5.61. West Bromwich Albion and Aston Villa also failed to hit the target. However, the Villains also kept Manchester City to three Shots on Target, 3.20 below the ticker value. Arsenal limited Tottenham to four Shots on Target, 3.51 below the ticker value, while Southampton conceded three Shots on Target to Sunderland, 2.80 more than the ticker value.


4 thoughts on “Shots on Target ticker Gameweek 13

  1. Balders says:

    Thanks Diva, I was sceptical of the tickers Spurs rating this week but it looks like they were the better team against Arsenal even if they didn’t quite match its lofty expectations.

    Could you do a 6 week average column at the end in the future?


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