Thanks for visiting. I’m sorry for the lack of posts this week. This is down to personal circumstances. I hope to be in a position to write more posts soon.


7 thoughts on “Update

  1. Benji says:

    Hope all is well. Your blog has quickly become a favourite of mine and your form sot ticker has been key to me turning around my season in recent weeks.


    • Benji says:

      As a long time player of the game who ranked 865 last year but is currently 570k this year. I can say that there is no single trick to success in this game. I carried over my plans from last year and relied on them a little to long in the early game weeks. I’m now in the process of recovering that possition and the analysis done by diva has been key in giving me an edge. Brought in ighalo based on the sot tables 3 weeks ago with a plan to sell him this week. Suddenly everyone is jumping on board but his form is deceptive and was driven by that run of easy games.
      I was surprised by some of the data in these tables when compared to other sites tickets. But used with a bit of logic and player knowledge I’m finding this to be the most accurate way of forecasting performances


      • Thanks for the vote of confidence in the tickers Benji.

        I developed the tickers to try to cut through perceptions and show a different perspective on strength and weakness. They don’t hold all the answers – shots on target still need to be converted and anything can happen in 90 minutes – but I’m finding them useful too.


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