Double Gameweek planning: Part one

I spent tonight trying to get my head around the potential Double Gameweek (DGW) scenarios, using Ruth_NZ’s helpful post from last week as a guide. Given the first DGW could be as early as Gameweek 25, every transfer needs even more careful thought through than normal.

The Capital One Cup final, which is scheduled for the same weekend as Gameweek 27, will present between two and four teams with a DGW, depending on who gets through the semi-finals. The teams in the semi-finals are Liverpool, Everton, Stoke City and Manchester City. The first two are due to play each other in the Premier League in Gameweek 27, while Stoke are scheduled to host Aston Villa and Manchester City travel to Newcastle United.

It appears there are four possible gameweeks in which the rearranged games could be played: 25, 26, 34 and 37. As gameweeks 34 and 37 provide opportunities to rearrange games affected by the FA Cup quarter and semi finals, there may be a reluctance to take up those slots early. However, I’m also unsure how likely it is we will see a DGW in Gameweek 25 given there would only be two weeks between the second leg of the Capital One Cup semi-final second leg and the available gamedays in Gameweek 25. Ruth suggested there’s a possible Monday night space available in Gameweek 26 if Liverpool, Everton or Stoke are involved. I’m also wondering if a game could be scheduled on FA Cup fifth round weekend (also Gameweek 26) if the League Cup finalists and their Gameweek 27 opponents have been knocked out of the FA Cup in an earlier round.

To try to make sense of all this, I have created the following chart with the various permutations and possible match-ups:

Double Gameweek planning part 1

Click on chart to see larger scale

Possible DGW combinations are shown in yellow, with the team that could be affected by a Gameweek 27 postponement at the top of each segment and their potential DGW rivals in the next two slots. The Capital One Cup (C1C) fixtures and permutations are shown in purple, and the fixtures which could be postponed in Gameweek 27 are shown in dark grey. The mid-grey is there in preparation for the fourth round of the FA Cup (FAC).

I will try to update the chart as the season progresses and the DGW picture becomes clearer. This is a tricky topic to get our heads around so please add a comment below if you have any thoughts or think I have missed something.

Update – January 9, 2016: I’ve added the teams we know will have a fourth round match to the chart.


6 thoughts on “Double Gameweek planning: Part one

  1. Ruth_NZ says:

    GW26 (Monday) is an outside possibility but less likely than GW25 in my view.

    The current status is quite simple: don’t remove players from City, Newcastle, Liverpool (except Coutinho) and Everton from your squad without a 2nd thought. You may very well want them back shortly. 🙂

    If you think Stoke are going to overturn a 1-0 deficit at Anfield (I don’t) then don’t remove Stoke players either. Definitely don’t remove Arnautovic this week anyway because he has Norwich (h)!

    If wildcarding, take Elliot as your 2nd GK (thanks Balders!) and see if you can squeeze Wijnaldum in. Have Aguero and a City mid, Lukaku and Moreno as part of a defensive rotation if possible. Look at bringing Barkley in for GW23. That’s about it really.

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    • Good points Ruth, thank you. It’s tricky because we may only have a two week window in which to prepare for a double so, as you rightly say, keeping the right players now may be as important as working out who to bring in later.


  2. Ruth_NZ says:

    PS A GW25 DGW (if it happens) will be tricky because all the DGW players will have a blank in GW27. I therefore think that a contingent of 6 (maybe 7 if one is a GK) is the maximum worth aiming for and you’d want to be coming out of GW25 with 2 FTs too.


  3. Ruth_NZ says:

    Re-scheduling of a GW27 game into a ‘free’ FA Cup weekend would certainly be the preferred option if both teams concerned were out of the FA Cup. But that would really take some freak results this weekend.


  4. Malroomey says:

    Great Job! it’s worth mentioning that considering everton lose out to city in the C1C SF; liverpool going through to the final would still make everton miss out on GW27. In other words, if Liverpool go through, Everton would definitely get a DGW on GW25 OR GW26. GW25 is the most realistic scenario. Correct me if I’m wrong! Cheers!


    • That is correct. There is a good chance Liverpool and Everton will have a double gameweek because they both lead following the first leg of the C1C semi finals and only one needs to get to the final to give them both a DGW.


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