Shots on target form ticker: Gameweek 21

Here are my shots on target and shots on target conceded form tickers for Gameweek 21.

Shots on Target form ticker GW21-26 2015-16

Shots on Target Conceded form ticker GW21-26 2015-16

The form tickers, which only use data from the last eight games, end with the 6GW Δ column. This shows the difference between the six-gameweek average (6GW ave.) on the form ticker and the season ticker.

The shots on target form ticker suggests improved attacking prospects for Aston Villa, Bournemouth and Watford but a worse outlook for Arsenal and Manchester City. The shots on target conceded ticker shows some defensive improvement for Chelsea and Stoke City, but Manchester City fairs badly compared to the season ticker.


6 thoughts on “Shots on target form ticker: Gameweek 21

    • At home. But it should be noted that Liverpool have only had three home games in the last eight gameweeks so the sample size isn’t huge. As I said to doctorcox, the injuries haven’t really factored in yet.

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      • Ruth_NZ says:

        What defence Liverpool can put out is a big conundrum for me this GW. It is making me think twice about Ramsey to Sigurdsson. It also affects my captain choice.

        1. Will Dembele be back for Spurs?
        2. What defence can Liverpool put out?
        3. Can Aguero better a 2 goals in 9 games record against Everton?

        Answer those three for me and my captain choice will be easier. 😉


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