Gylfi Sigurdsson

We know from his stellar performance in early 2012, plus his strong showing last season, that Gylfi Sigurdsson can be Fantasy Premier League gold when he is in a Swansea City shirt. However, the shine came off the Icelandic international earlier this season.

As usual when charting player data, I’ve separated penalty kick data from the regular data because of the substantially higher conversion rate from the spot.

Gylfi Sigurdsson GW1-20 2015-16

Like his team, Sigurdsson had a bright start in the opening few weeks of this season, even though his sole attacking return at that stage was an assist in Gameweek 4. The following week he failed to register a single shot or create a single opportunity and his output stagnated, apart from one converted penalty against Southampton in Gameweek 7 and a long range strike against Aston Villa in Gameweek 10.

The former Tottenham Hotspur player’s creativity began to flicker back into life in Gameweek 12 and he rediscovered his shooting boots in Gameweek 15. However, it came too late to save former Swans boss Gary Monk, who was sacked after the 3-0 loss to Leicester City that week. Under replacement manager Alan Curtis, Sigurdsson’s underlying statistics have begun to glow again and he finally delivered another goal last week.

Embed from Getty Images

Despite hitting 14 shots on target, excluding the penalty, Sigurdsson’s two goal return is not a huge surprise given he spent much of the season shooting from outside the penalty area, where conversion rates are lower.

However, over the last six gameweeks, he has not only been creating chances and shooting more frequently, but also taking a greater proportion of his shots from closer range. In those six gameweeks he has created half of his chances for team mates, 43 per cent of his shots, two-thirds of his shots in the box and 57 per cent of his shots on target (all shooting statistics exclude the penalty).

As a result, the poor 34 per cent of shots being taken in the box this season – as shown in the chart – is a healthier 53 per cent over the last six weeks. If Sigurdsson can keep this up, more attacking returns are surely not far away.


10 thoughts on “Gylfi Sigurdsson

  1. Kaldbakur says:

    Given Sigurdsson’s recent uptick in form, I had already chosen him as my captain this week against Sunderland – your analysis further bolsters my resolve to take this gamble. I’ve got catching up to do points-wise so I need to continue to make differential gambles when opportunities like this present themselves! Thanks for continuing to sharing all of your insights, Diva, I’ve been enjoying your blog.


  2. Ruth_NZ says:

    The Curtis decision was fundamental to my 2 FTs this week: Myhill to Fabianski and Ramsey to Sigurdsson. I looked very closely at the Ramsey replacement – considered Payet, Oscar, Willian, Wijnaldum, Mata and Alli as well. Did a lot of comparisons and while Sigurdsson isn’t way ahead he’s marginally ahead of them all over the last 4 weeks on the key elements I look at.

    In addition, I like Swansea’s fixture run up to GW32 (after which I will wildcard). And at 7.0 he puts some cash in the bank which I expect to need soon to upgrade Mahrez.

    Whether it’s 100% the best choice I am not sure, Oscar was a very close contender. But I am hopeful.


  3. Ruth_NZ says:

    Well, kind of worked. Sigurdsson scored but leaving Ramsey in would have been better. Payet would also have been better. Not bad, not best.

    My quandary now is what to do about Payet. I’d like to wait till after the City game (so 2 more games), I’m reluctant to remove Sigurdsson for him after 1 week. Especially as Siggy’s on pens now apparently. But that’s my only realistic option for Payet without a hit. I’ll probably save FT and roll the dice.


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