Shots on target season ticker: Gameweek 22

Here are my shots on target and shots on target conceded season tickers for Gameweek 22.

Shots on Target ticker GW22-27 2015-16

Shots on Target Conceded ticker GW22-27 2015-16

Don’t forget, we don’t know yet who will have a blank in Gameweek 27 as a result of the Capital One Cup Final. Aston Villa, Everton, Liverpool, Manchester City, Newcastle United and Stoke City could be effected, depending on which teams reach the final. We also don’t know if any game postponed from Gameweek 27 will be moved into a slot during the timeframe shown in the tickers.

In Gameweek 21 the ticker overestimated the average number of shots on target per team by 0.44. There were 11 teams within two shots on target of the ticker value, including six within one shot on target. The range was 7.46.

Newcastle United fired in six shots on target against Manchester United in Gameweek 21, 4.14 more than the ticker value. Liverpool, who also hit six shots on target, and Southampton, with seven shots on target, also had a good week, exceeding the ticker value by 2.39 and 2.35 respectively.

At the other extreme, Chelsea managed only two shots on target – 3.32 below the ticker value – against West Bromwich Albion, while Crystal Palace hit just one shot on target against Aston Villa, 3.07 below the ticker value.


2 thoughts on “Shots on target season ticker: Gameweek 22

  1. Ruth_NZ says:

    This is a very interesting period of a very interesting season.

    The first half of the season was characterised by the emergence of an unusual number of lower-priced options out-performing their price tags by a long way – Mahrez, Vardy, Ighalo, Payet, Alli, Willian, Butland, Barkley. At the same time many premium players were sketchy and injury-affected (Sanchez, Aguero, Silva, Sturridge) or just plain awful (Hazard, Costa, Rooney). As a result there was no pressure on budget and the concept of value went out of the window.

    January and February in particular should favour the “big” teams with premium players. There is no CL or EL, there are free weekends for FA Cup games and the fixture schedule is relatively kind apart from the 4 teams involved in the LC or those that get a couple of FAC replays to deal with, It’s the most level playing field in terms of games to be played that is likely in the season.

    So, the big question is whether this will help the premium players to regain importance. Well, the signs are somewhat in that direction – Aguero back and fit, Sanchez almost back, Silva back, Costa and Rooney starting to strike form… At the same time some of the “value” players that have been doing so well are showing unmistakable signs of reversion – Mahrez, Vardy, Ighalo, Butland, Barkley…

    I think this is the absolute key trend to read and react to – preferably early. If it materialises then all the techniques for managing value and maximising the use of budget (tight squad structure for example, value-based player selection for example) will suddenly become much more important. If this season has favoured the “casuals” so far then it is because these elements have hardly mattered.

    Factor the tricky task of DGW management into the mix and the upcoming period of the season should clearly favour managers with some skill and experience, especially if they can take wise decisions, keep their powder (chips) dry, think ahead in terms of player selection and value and avoid hits. Those who get this right could well see some good rises in the OR – that’s my hope anyway. 😉

    So, what has all this to do with the tickers? Well, the tickers can offer a guide about where value is to be found. I have just downgraded Bellerin to Walker (and will now have a Spurs double-up with Alderweireld in defence), partly because I think Spurs’ defensive fixtures are brilliant from a defensive point of view. They look good on the season ticker but I think they will look even better on the form ticker – Spurs are the best defensive team in the PL right now in my assessment and are playing the worst 4 attacks on current form (in my assessment) in their next 4 games.

    Having a Spurs double will allow me to benefit from a “big” team in a period with no European football and gives my FPL team an interesting differential edge I have been looking for. In addition the Bellerin-Walker move also bumps my bank to 2.0m, allowing a switch from Mahrez to Payet or Firmino as and when I want to do it.

    Overall GW22-32 (before everything becomes driven by the late DGWs) is a period of the season I am quietly looking forward to. 🙂

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    • I’m quietly looking forward to the upcoming period too – hopefully the pieces will land in such a way that some skilful navigation will be required. 🙂


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