Shots on target season ticker: Gameweek 23

Here are my shots on target and shots on target conceded season tickers for Gameweek 23.

Shots on Target ticker GW23-28 2015-16

Shots on Target Conceded ticker GW23-28 2015-16

In Gameweek 22 the ticker underestimated the average number of shots on target per team by just 0.01. There were 12 teams within two shots on target of the ticker value, including eight within one shot on target. The range was 8.11.

Newcastle United had another strong attacking week, hitting 10 shots on target against West Ham United – 5.42 more than the ticker value. Stoke City also had a good week, firing six shots on target against Arsenal, which was 3.05 more than the ticker value. In return Arsenal could only muster three shots on target, 2.43 below the ticker.

Although Manchester City put four past Crystal Palace they did it with just four shots on target, which was 2.69 below the ticker value.

Finally, a reminder that we don’t know who will have a blank in Gameweek 27 as a result of the Capital One Cup Final, nor where any postponed games will be moved to.


7 thoughts on “Shots on target season ticker: Gameweek 23

        • I’ve been using the form tickers to get a sense of who has a positive fixture run coming up – the bluer the longer the better (thanks for the colors – it’s a great visual aid). This has been really important in my transfer decisions. Often my “gut instinct” about the lopsidedness of a fixture (or run of fixtures) is proven wrong by your tickers – just because a team is low down the table doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t strong on either offense or defense – the ticker corrects my misconceptions in that regard by separating those two elements. That’s been really helpful. In theory I thought the tickers would be more useful for making defensive choices (ie. to maximize getting clean sheets from cohesive defensive teams) but strangely it has been panning out for me much better offensively. I think that’s because I’ve been looking for defensive VALUE rather than shelling out for only the most expensive defenders from the best teams. So, for budgetary reasons, I haven’t always been able to follow the tickers as I’ve wanted on the defensive side. Anyways, the tickers are a great tool that I will continue to use – thanks for making them!

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  1. Ruth_NZ says:

    Hope to see a “form” ticker later?

    I’m very stuck about captaincy this week. Keep switching between Aguero and Kane. It’s that pest Alli that makes it difficult – I think Palace’s defence is cracking under the strain of having a weakened attack and not the same counter-threat as before. And Kane seems to like London derbies. If it wasn’t for Alli taking Kane’s space too often I’d certainly go that way but…

    I do also have Lukaku but I think Swansea may put up a resilient defensive display, they have defended well recently apart from when down (unfairly) to 10 men. So Lukaku is out of contention for me.

    Maybe the form ticker will help. 😕


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