Double Gameweek planning: Part four

Now the bulk of the FA Cup fourth round games have been played, the upcoming blank and Double Gameweek (DGW) picture is beginning to become a little clearer.

I have updated my chart from parts one, two and three of this series to show the current state of play.

Double Gameweek planning part 4

The chart shows the Capital One Cup final match up (lilac), the blank Gameweek 27 fixtures (purple), potential DGW options for the teams affected by the Capital One Cup final (yellow), potential blank Premier League gameweeks for teams because of the FA Cup (dark grey), the only guaranteed Gameweek 30 and Gameweek 35 fixtures so far (green) and the four Premier League fixtures  in Gameweek 30 and Gameweek 35 (light grey) where the team in the larger tile is waiting to discover if the team beneath them in the smaller tile progresses in the FA Cup.

The FA Cup fourth round games have settled several matters. Manchester City’s progress to the fifth round means there can be no DGW26 for the Citizens and Newcastle United. Liverpool’s draw with West Ham United in the fourth round of the FA Cup means a replay will be needed that kills off the possibility of a DGW25 Merseyside derby.

If Everton beat Carlisle United tomorrow, the possibility of the Toffees playing their postponed Gameweek 27 Premier League match with Liverpool in Gameweek 26 will also disappear and the teams won’t meet until after the blank.

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Stoke City’s FA Cup fourth round loss to Crystal Palace has ensured the Potters and Southampton will have a Premier League fixture in Gameweek 30, joining Leicester City and Newcastle as the only teams guaranteed to play that week.

Southampton also join Leicester as being the only two teams currently guaranteed to play every gameweek this season (unless freak conditions, like heavy snow, cause games to be postponed). That means the Saints and the Foxes will not have a DGW, but it also means players from those teams could be a valuable source of cover during the blanks.


9 thoughts on “Double Gameweek planning: Part four

  1. Ruth_NZ says:

    Here’s my crude estimation of how likely individual GW30 games are to go ahead based on the FA Cup draw (and ignoring force majeure):

    Group A
    Leicester v Newcastle – 100%
    Stoke v Soton – 100%

    Group B
    Bournemouth v Swansea – 50%
    Norwich v City – 50%
    Sunderland v Everton – 50%
    Liverpool v Chelsea – 40%

    Group C
    Villa v Spurs – 25%
    W Ham v Watford – 15%
    United v Palace – 10%
    Arsenal v WBA – 5%

    To me that means I will tend to favour teams in Groups A and B when bringing players in and tend to think twice about teams in Group C. But of course there are 6 GWs before then and if a player is ‘right’ (for example Sanchez) then refusing to bring him in on the basis of a likely GW30 blank could be very costly. Not that I’ll be bringing him in – but I wouldn’t be anyway. 😉

    A Newcastle/City GW25 DGW is also still possible of course and that would complicate things further. But about that we should know tomorrow – if it isn’t announced on Monday I think it will be too late. I have no idea when the Liverpool/Everton game postponed from GW27 is likely to be played, does anyone else?

    The ability to field a full team in GW30 without hits is likely to be very difficult and therefore allowing that to shape (or at least influence) decisions made between now and then could be very helpful later on. My original estimation of 8-12 teams with GW30 blanks is still very much on the cards.

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  2. Ruth_NZ says:

    It could be GW29 or GW30 (both Mondays) if Liverpool are out of the EL.

    I can’t help but think the PL is storing up problems for itself later in the season.


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