Double Gameweek planning: Part six

Although I’ve included this post as part of the Double Gameweek (DGW) planning series, it’s mostly concerned with the looming blank Gameweek 30 for many Premier League teams. I’ve seen some Fantasy Premier League managers attempting to calculate how many players they will have in their team in Gameweek 30. However, the sheer number of permutations the FA Cup fourth round replays and fifth round fixtures generate makes calculating the figure very complex.

Therefore, let’s strip it down to the basics. There are only two fixtures we know for sure will be played in Gameweek 30. To calculate how many players you currently have for Gameweek 30 count the number of active players you have from the following teams in your FPL squad:

  • Leicester City
  • Newcastle United
  • Stoke City
  • Southampton

That’s it, that’s how many players you currently have for Gameweek 30.

However, we know that there will be at least one more fixture played in Gameweek 30 – we just don’t know which pair of teams will take part. Count the number of players you have from the teams involved in each fixture:

Fixture A) Sunderland and Everton
Fixture B) Swansea and Bournemouth

By Gameweek 30 you should have the players from Fixture A or Fixture B available too, but we do not know which fixture it will be yet. You will not have players from both fixtures, just one or the other.

More players may yet become available to you, but that will depend on:

  1. The results of the FA Cup fifth round fixtures in Gameweek 26, and
  2. How you use your transfers between now and Gameweek 30.

So, if the number you came up with is low, think very carefully about each transfer you make between now and Gameweek 30.

Finally, for those who want a visual reminder of the state of play, here’s an updated version of DGW planning chart I shared in part five and earlier posts in this series.

Double Gameweek planning part 6

The chart shows the Capital One Cup final match up (lilac), the blank Gameweek 27 fixtures (purple), potential DGW options for the teams affected by the Capital One Cup final (yellow), potential blank Premier League gameweeks for teams because of the FA Cup (dark grey), the only guaranteed Gameweek 30 and Gameweek 35 fixtures so far (light green) and the Gameweek 30 fixtures that hinge on the outcome of Everton’s fifth round FA Cup match with Bournemouth (dark green) – the winner of that tie will have a blank and the loser a Premier League fixture in Gameweek 30.

There are two Premier League fixtures in Gameweek 30 and four in Gameweek 35 (light grey) where the team in the larger tile is waiting to discover if the team beneath them in the smaller tile progresses in the FA Cup.

The teams that could have a DGW in Gameweek 34 or Gameweek 37 as a result of the Premier League teams facing each other in the fifth round of the FA Cup are shown in the orange boxes. The other Premier League teams that could have a DGW if they reach the FA Cup quarter-finals are shown in the light blue boxes.


3 thoughts on “Double Gameweek planning: Part six

  1. Ruth_NZ says:

    Hi Diva

    I looked at Perchino’s article on FFS and I think it is too definitive about teams to remove and teams to get in when making transfers – good to see you are avoiding this. There are some potential complications no-one seems to be discussing.

    First, the 2 outstanding games awaiting re-scheduling: Liverpool v Everton and Newcastle v City. Most are assuming that they go back beyond GW30 but that may not be so. If Liverpool are knocked out of the EL in the next round (their opponents, Augsburg, are undefeated since the winter break) then the Everton game could be played on Monday 7/3 (creating a DGW in GW29) or Monday 14/3 (putting an extra fixture into GW30). So, Liverpool v Augsburg is one to watch out for along with the FA Cup 5th round results.

    City can’t play on 14/3 because they have CL that week but the postponed Newcastle v City game could potentially be played on Monday 7/3, also creating a DGW in GW29.

    Then there is the issue of the FA Cup 5th round. Any replays required would be likely to impact GW28 and create blanks there – Liverpool, City, Spurs and West Ham look like 4 of the teams most at risk of a GW28 blank currently.

    Games affected by FAC 5th round replays could also potentially shift to Monday 7/3 (GW29) or alternatively go back later in the season (but there aren’t many slots). For example. a draw between Chelsea and City (not unlikely) would create massive problems for City in view of an already compressed schedule – they’d then have 2 games awaiting re-scheduling and the potential of more to come.

    The long and the short of it is that there will certainly be blanks in GW27 and 30 and there will probably be blanks in GW28 as well. There is potential for a DGW in GW29 and in GW30 almost anything could happen – it could actually be a DGW for some teams while others have no games at all!

    My personal recommendation (apart from saving FTs where possible) is to think quite carefully before having more than one player from any team in your squad. Leicester should be OK after the next 2 tough fixtures but personally I’d be wary about doubling up anywhere else. Newcastle look worthwhile on fixtures from GW28 onwards but do you really want more than one Newcastle player?

    In addition, strategy for this period needs considering. Rather than focusing on maximising DGW players (or fielding 11 players in GW30) it may be best to consider the games a player will have over a period of 4-6 weeks – not just the quantity but the quality. Something will have to give somewhere and there is a choice to be made between chasing the maximum number of games (and probably taking hits to do so) and aiming for quality (even if you don’t always field XI or maximise a DGW) and avoiding hits in the process. Personally I am not wedded to either approach, it will depend on what teams have blanks and DGWs and when.

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      • Hi Tom, it depends on your squad and where you see the wildcard giving you maximum advantage. Given the way this late season looks to be shaping up, personally I’m wanting to get through GW30 without using the wildcard if possible because I think I can squeeze more value out of it later when building up to or exiting a DGW.


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