Shots on target season ticker: Gameweek 25

Here are my shots on target and shots on target conceded tickers for Gameweek 25.

Shots on Target ticker GW25-30 2015-16

Shots on Target Conceded ticker GW25-30 2015-16

These tickers list all the fixtures for Gameweek 30, but it’s important to note that at the minute there are only three fixtures guaranteed to be playing that week. The six-gameweek average is a five-gameweek average for the four teams with blank fixtures in Gameweek 27.

In Gameweek 24 the ticker overestimated the average number of shots on target per team by 0.02. There were 16 teams within two shots on target of the ticker value, including 10 within one shot on target. The range was 10.32.

Arsenal bounced back from hitting just one shot on target in Gameweek 23 to fire 11 against Southampton in Gameweek 24, which was 5.91 above the ticker value. West Bromwich Albion failed to land a shot on goal in Gameweek 23, but managed seven against Swansea City in Gameweek 24. That was 3.90 above the ticker value.

Manchester City only managed two shots on target against Sunderland, which was 4.41 below the ticker value. Liverpool recorded one shot on target against Leicester City, 3.53 below the ticker value.


One thought on “Shots on target season ticker: Gameweek 25

  1. Ruth_NZ says:

    Having underestimated Leicester earlier in the season I won’t do so now. That means I won’t captain Aguero even though it’s a home game and that’s always risky. I expect he’ll score but there’s a fair chance it’s not a haul.

    That leaves a choice between Kane, Özil and Firmino for me. I was very impressed with Özil in the last game, he has had plenty of rest and looked extremely dangerous, more so than Sanchez (who does suffer when the Özil/Giroud axis is in place). It could be a good game for Sanchez (especially if Walcott starts as striker) but I’m happy just having Özil and I think he’s a realistic captain pick.

    Firmino seems a bit hit-and-miss, it would be a bigger punt than I am willing to take to captain him over Aguero. I am glad he’s in my team though.

    That leaves Kane. He’s in good form (as are Spurs) and Watford did a lot of running on Wednesday (Spurs have had an extra day’s rest). Your high ticker value for Spurs and the chance that Alli won’t play (which would help Kane) are enough to swing it for me. Kane it is.


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