Shots on target form ticker: Gameweek 28

Here are my shots on target and shots on target conceded form tickers for Gameweek 28.

Shots on Target form ticker GW28-33 2015-16

Shots on Target Conceded form ticker GW28-33 2015-16

The form tickers only use data from the last eight games. They end with the 6GW Δ column to show the difference between the six-gameweek average (6GW ave.) on the form ticker and the season ticker.

The form ticker sees a mildly improved attacking outlook compared to the season ticker for Chelsea, Newcastle United, Stoke City and Tottenham Hotspur, but a poorer upcoming schedule for Manchester City and West Bromwich Albion.

Defensively, the prospect for Newcastle, West Ham United, Leicester City and Sunderland look better in the form ticker than the season ticker, while the outlook is worse for Swansea and Crystal Palace.

The form ticker has produced a negative value for West Brom in their match against Leicester this week. That is not an error, but a result of the modifiers applied to the projections to account for fixture strength. A team cannot have negative shots on target so that number can be read that as 0. However, I left the negative number in as it highlights how bad the Baggies have been away from home recently and how well Leicester have been defending on their own turf.


4 thoughts on “Shots on target form ticker: Gameweek 28

  1. Benji says:

    Not been around for a while. Been so busy with work and personal life. Feeling better now though and things are on the up. Wish I could say the same for my fantasy team. My lack of care has taken its toll. Mini leagues are all out of grasp. Just playing for pride now.
    Missed the deadline last night though. Wanted to bring in company for souare but missed out by about a minute. Oh well.
    Keep up the good work. This is still my favourite table/ data!


    • Benji says:

      I’d be interested in some analysis on Chelsea assets pre and post mourine. Saw the stats on Costa you posted but gut feel says tripling up on Chelsea might be good for the run in. Fab has been known to cool down in the second half of the season but this season is like no other. Is Willian due to continue his consistency? Is Ivan worth the premium over azpi? Is Oscar ever going to live up to his promise? And who is this hazard fella I seem to remember? Have we written him off this season?


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