Double Gameweek planning: Part 11

The Double Gameweek (DGW) planning series comes to an end rather fittingly for a football-based game on part 11. The Premier League today announced fixture amendments that slotted all the games that need rearranging into the calendar with the exception of Crystal Palace versus Everton.

The Premier League hasn’t given any indication where they will place that one remaining fixture, but placing the Sunderland versus Everton fixture on the Wednesday in Gameweek 37 – with no suggestion that it could move – probably rules out a fabled Triple Gameweek. To fit another game in that week would require Everton to play three games in five days and I would be surprised if that happened.

There are midweek spots in Gameweeks 32, 33, 35 or 36 that could house the missing fixture, but it would require dispensation to break the rule that Premier League games should not clash with European fixtures. It is a simple solution, albeit one that requires some negotiation. We wait to see what the league decide. The decision could play a role in how Fantasy Premier League managers set up their teams to cope with the DGWs and the Gameweek 35 blanks.

Technically, the announcement said West Ham versus Manchester United and Liverpool versus Chelsea could move again if the Red Devils progress to the Europa League semi-finals, but if that happens I think the two fixtures would just switch places. I don’t think we need to worry about them going into different gameweeks.

Here is an updated version of the Double Gameweek planning chart. The purple boxes show a double gameweek team in the large tile and their opponents that week in the smaller tiles. The blank Gameweek 35 fixtures are shown in the dark grey box, with the confirmed fixtures for that week shown in the light green box. The yellow boxes show what schedule would like if the Crystal Palace versus Everton game is moved to later in Gameweek 35 or rearranged for Gameweek 36.

Double Gameweek planning part 11


5 thoughts on “Double Gameweek planning: Part 11

  1. Balders says:

    DGW33, TGW34, TGW37? When will the final game be? Ahhhhhhhhhh!

    9 out of 10 fixtures sorted and here I am still waiting to decide my best plan of action.

    Nice to know there’s still another part of your saga to come though 🙂


  2. Sharp Electronics says:

    In case it does happen again, it’s worth noting that there wasn’t a single Boro player who started all three of those games in 2006. Hardly surprising given they had a UEFA Cup final looming.
    Maybe if Everton ended up with such a scenario in GW37 they might be more tempted to start the big guns in all three, especially if they’re out of the FA Cup by that point…
    That might also be more likely if the games are staggered further apart – seeing as Friday night games are now permissible for the Premier League, couldn’t a Friday-Monday-Thursday schedule be possible to make a TGW a reality?


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