The 2016-17 season

The new Fantasy Premier League season is nearly here. Soon all the talk and all the guess work about player and team prospects will start to be infused with performances we can judge with the eye and with statistics.

Visitors to this blog last season will know that I can’t watch as much football as some FPL fanatics so I tend to rely more heavily on the stats side. I enjoy looking in the stats for clues that can help FPL managers put player and team performance into a wider context. However, my circumstances have changes a bit in the last few months and I’m likely to be more limited to posting here during my commutes to and from work, which means those graphic representations of data that I like to create and share may be a rarer sight this season.

Hopefully, though, I will be able to give summary thoughts on players that catch my eye for the right or wrong reasons. Newcomers may want to browse through some of my posts from the autumn and winter of 2015, which benefit from the graphic data representation, to understand better the framework behind my approach.

If time permits, I also want to run the shots on target season ticker again as I found it useful last season and I think some of you did too. That will likely get up and running once there is enough data from the new season to make it useful.

Personally, I’ll be aiming for a fourth consecutive top 10,000 finish and, hopefully, something higher. After finishing inside the top 3,000 and top 4,000 in the previous two seasons, I was disappointed when the last ended with a small blizzard of misfortune that, despite my best efforts to avoid, caused me to tumble to just outside the top 6,000. Nevertheless, I can’t be too unhappy with my final rank given the terrible captaincy run I had in the second quarter of the season, my triple captaincy blank and a miserable bench boost bonus (7 points from 3 good outfield players). My general player selection must have been reasonably effective to achieve that rank without good returns from those chips.

With so many clubs under new management and two of last season’s best performers (Leicester and Tottenham) facing the rigour of Champions League football, this season might be one that rewards eagle-eyed FPL managers who can spot a potential advantage early. I hope any insights this site can provide will be useful and I look forward to reading your thoughts in the comments section as the season progresses.



2 thoughts on “The 2016-17 season

  1. bavs2015 says:

    Hello Diva,

    I want to thank you for the great blog. I am about to enter my third FPL season (started taking it seriously last season) and found your blog very useful.

    Best of luck for the upcoming season!




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