I started playing Fantasy Premier League in 2006/07, but in a casual fashion. After a break, I came back to the game in 2011/12 and slowly began to play it with more focus.

Stats heavy

As I don’t get to see a huge number of Premier League games, my approach is often statistics heavy. Please bear that in mind before passing judgment on my posts if you prefer using your eyes to judge players.

Strategy in previous years

My approach over the past two seasons has been to build team value early in the season and not be afraid of taking a few hits to do so as I saved my first wildcard for a late double gameweek. I then tighten up my transfer policy and use my money to field a strong heavy-hitting side in the second half of the season.

Transfer market

I watch the FPL player transfer market closely. Early in the season this helps me build team value. Later, watching the market allows me to leave transfers until as late as possible while still doing my best to avoid paying more for a player than I would if I waited until the deadline.


Although I have never finished outside the top 120,000 in any of my seven seasons playing FPL, I have never finished inside the top 2,500 either. I suspect my cavalier early season approach stops me taking the final step, but I enjoy the way I play the game. Still, my strategy has propelled me inside the top 4,000 for the past two seasons. Last year I rose from about 125,000 in January and the year before I finished under 3,000 from around an overall rank of around 500,000 at Christmas. Clearly I enjoy the charge for the finish line!

This season (2015/16)

Rule changes this year have already altered the way I play the game. I burned my wildcard in Gameweek 3 because I could no longer hang on to it until Gameweek 30-something. Changes made to the transfer market last year make gaining team value much harder than it used to be. Therefore avoiding price falls is important and facing a potential large drop in team value tipped me into using my wildcard early. The blog picks up the story from Transfer Deadline Day.


This blog records my musing about Fantasy Premier League. I hope you enjoy reading it, but I accept no responsibility for any decisions you make regarding your FPL team as a result.

While I will be honest and (hopefully) helpful about my views on players and transfers, I might keep a few thoughts to myself – the game is a competition after all!

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